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T3: SinglePass Curl Professional Curling Iron 1ÔÇ│

Perfect curls for sure. Using T3's SinglePass® digital technology, the SinglePass Curl Iron creates sleek, lustrous curls in just one pass. An intelligent microchip continuously adjusts the heat to minimize fluctuations and thus maintain a constant temperature.

High-performance ceramic heating elements create even heat, without hot spots, so you can style your hair to perfection in just one pass. T3's 32mm tourmaline and ceramic clip-on cylinder glides effortlessly through hair, smoothing and eliminating frizz. Five heat settings from 127┬░C (260┬░F) to 210┬░C (410┬░F) meet the needs of all hair types.

The elegant and light model facilitates styling. Other features: SmartTwist adjustment (to turn the device on or off and adjust the temperature), automatic voltage regulator (from 100 to 240 V), automatic shutdown after one hour, professional 360┬░ swivel cord of 2.4 m (9 ft), cold tip and holder, two-year warranty.


  • SinglePass┬« digital technology from T3: constant and even heat, fast and impeccable results.
  • 32mm Tourmaline and Ceramic Clip-on Barrel: Creates lustrous, neat and long-lasting curls.
  • Five heat settings from 127┬░C (260┬░F) to 210┬░C (410┬░F): an optimal heat level for every hair type.
  • Lightweight model: for a pleasant styling experience.
  • SmartTwist setting: to turn the device on or off and easily adjust the temperature.
  • Automatic voltage regulator (from 100 to 240 V): can be used anywhere in the world (with an adapter).
  • Automatic shutdown after one hour: safe and energy efficient.
  • Cool tip and support: easy and safe styling.
  • 2.4m 360┬░ swivel cord: tangle-free and tangle-free.
  • Two-year warranty: comprehensive protection and support options.


T3 SinglePass® digital technology
The SinglePass® digital technology provides even and optimal heat along the cylinder, the secret to a long-lasting result from the first pass, without exposing the hair unnecessarily to heat.

T3 Tourmaline® and Ceramic Technology
When heated, T3's unique Tourmaline® and ceramic surface emits negative ions that seal cuticles and eliminate frizz for shiny, long-lasting results.


Work on dry, detangled hair. Part the hair at the temple and tie the top half. Divide the lower part into strands of 2.5 to 5 cm. Place the end of a section under the clip and roll upwards, wrapping the hair evenly around the cylinder. Hold for a few seconds, then release. To create loose curls, pull lightly on the still warm wick.


  • Avoid wrapping the power cord around this iron to avoid damaging the electrical cord.
  • Consult the supplied user guide before using the device.


Women with chin length or longer hair looking for a traditional curling iron to create waves and defined curls

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