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T3: Square Brush

T3: Square Brush

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With smooth, seamless nylon bristles that are highly heat resistant and a large, flat, cushioned head, this professional square brush is perfect for smoothing and softening hair during drying. It detangles gently and has a non-slip handle offering increased maneuverability that makes styling easier.

Smooth and soft hair. Neat look.

CHARACTERISTICS (Detangles, smoothes and caps)

  • Cushioned Head: Provides smooth styling and shiny, sleek hair.
  • Wide, flat head: covers a larger area of ​​the hair.
  • Heat resistant bristles: gently detangle and smooth hair.
  • Soft, Non-Slip Handle: Provides increased maneuverability that makes styling easier.


Detangle damp hair using the Smooth square brush from the T3 collection. Dry hair 80%. Place the brush on the roots and brush section by section downwards, directing the jet of air on the brush. Continue until you achieve the desired style.

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