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Specific prevention bath

Specific prevention bath

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Bain Prévention is a shampoo, for an immediate volume effect. Hair regains body, shine and lightness.


Restores balance to the scalp
Preventive solution to hair loss
Activates microcirculation
Improves fiber texture
Immediate volume effect
Stimulating properties – stimulates the production of hair fibers
Thickens the hair fiber


Bain Prévention is an anti-hair loss shampoo specially designed as a preventive solution to thinning and hair loss, while giving a volume effect to thinning hair.

This shampoo for thinning hair has a unique pro-active system with a combination of 3 cleansing agents with anti-bacterial, soothing and regulating properties, which regenerates capillary activity and strengthens hair metabolism.

The pro-active system found in this thickening shampoo optimizes micro-circulation to reduce hair loss, while texturizing the hair fiber for an immediate volume effect.

Thanks to the use of this shampoo for thinning hair, the hair regains volume and the hair fiber is thickened and strengthened to prevent hair loss.

How to use our anti-hair loss shampoo, Bain Prévention:

Step 1. Apply a dollop of anti-hair loss shampoo to wet hair.

Step 2. Massage the product with your fingertips to activate micro-circulation.

Step 3. Rinse the anti-hair loss shampoo thoroughly.

Step 4. Finish with Stimuliste Spray when styling to prevent hair loss and add volume to the hair.

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