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Salon Il y a la coupe



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Initialiste revolutionizes hair care to act directly on the hair follicle, the living part of the hair. Effectiveness at the source for hair that grows stronger, shinier, more beautiful.


Acting on the present and the future of hair is now possible.

From the first application, the hair is more toned, as if revitalised. It is more resistant with 93% less breakage when brushing*.

After about 1 month (10 applications), the hair is stronger from the root, the quality of the hair visibly improves**: shinier, more beautiful, more resistant.

Used after each shampoo, Initialiste acts on the beauty capital of the hair throughout its growth, making it more beautiful and stronger.

* Instrumental test
** Self-assessments by 129 women


Apply Initialiste on the day of the shampoo.

Leave-in formula: 2 pipettes on fine hair and 4 pipettes on normal to thick hair.

A delicate massage with the fingertips after the application, allows an optimal distribution on the whole scalp.

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