Anne-Marie Tremblay

People and hairdressing fascinate me! Always on the lookout for trends, let me tailor them for you. Looking forward to seeing you!


Catherine Tétreault

Always attentive, big challenges do not scare me ... Make an appointment with me and I will make sure to create in your hair a result worthy of your true color! Seeing my satisfied and confident clients is what makes me proud of my job!


christine laroche

Investing in her hair is the crown we wear every day!


Edith Charron

I see my job as an everyday, constant challenge. I believe that each of the people who come to see me, to sit in front of my mirror, wishes to leave with better self-esteem. I see my job as the opportunity to bring a je ne sais quoi to everyone's daily life. Change and exchange.


Emilie Beaulieu

After more than 9 years in the field, this motivation allowed me to become a hairdresser listening to your needs who knows how to transform your desires into a masterpiece.


Genevieve Mineau

In hairdressing, creativity knows no limits, that's what makes it so beautiful. All these enriching experiences have only one goal: to illuminate your beauty!


July martel

I don't have much to tell you, but I definitely know what to do!


Lyne Lasalle

Eccentric, fun, classic or simply practical, the hairstyle reveals your underlying personality, the power of seduction and the moods of each of you, but above all it must be a reflection of your inner beauty.


Maude St-Germain

Life isn't perfect, but your hair can be.


Melanie Nadeau

For me, the beauty of this job is seeing the smile on your face when you leave the salon; sign that together we can create the perfect hairstyle for you!


Nancy Ponte

I hold a vision of hairdressing today thanks to my 33 years of experience and refining my art. This allows my customers to be beautiful and confident. While respecting their request, it is always possible for me to improve ideas.


rosanne trudeau legault

The key to success is the marriage between laughter and passion.


Stefanie Martineau

Like the seasons, the field of hairdressing is constantly changing. I would like to be the one who accompanies you in your choices. It is a pleasure for me to see your smile on each of your visits ... 

Men's hair stylist

Louise Lemieux

When I started in 1976, I innovated for the GR men's hair salon, which reinvented the barber shop. I am constantly amazed to see my customers satisfied. Today, thanks to the framework of the IL Y A LA COUPE trade fair, I keep all the passion that my job requires.

Under our roof

Jessica González

Combo Brows
Powder Brows

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