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T3: AirLuxe

T3: AirLuxe

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The T3 Fit features state-of-the-art IonAir technology that infuses negative ions into ample, moderate airflow to speed drying and smooth hair.

you hair. Light. Versatile. Remarkable performance. With its compact design 30% smaller than a traditional hair dryer*. Designed with 3 heat modes and 2 intensities to ensure an ideal combination of settings for every hair type and with a lockable cool air mode to lock in your style and give it a long-lasting finish. Easy handling, easy styling and easy storage. Meet the little do-it-all frizz slayer.

*Compared to other standard T3 full-size hair dryers.


  • T3 IonAir Technology: Full, ion-infused airflow for fast, gentle drying
  • Ion Generator: Saturates the airflow with negative ions for a smooth, lustrous finish
  • 3 heat settings and 2 speed settings: Designed for all hair types and textures
  • Locking Cold Blow Button: A blast of cold air for a sleek, long-lasting finish to any style
  • Lightweight and ergonomic: For easy and convenient use
  • Quiet design: Optimized angle for a pleasant drying experience
  • Concentrator: Directs an enriched airflow for more precise drying
  • Durable motor: Combines performance and reliability
  • 2.7m. Cord with clip: Professional length cord for ease of use
  • 2-year warranty: full coverage and support options


Quickly dries hair and fights frizz with the power of negative ions in a compact, lightweight design.


Select the desired heat and intensity settings. Using the concentrator, blow dry until hair is 80% dry. To fix the hairstyle, divide your hair into sections of 7.5 cm to 10 cm. Place a cylindrical brush under the first section starting at the root. Follow the brush with the dryer, pulling towards the ends of the hair. Reaching the ends, curl the hair upwards to your head and hold it in place. Continue styling in this same fashion until the section is dry. Release and go to the next section. Press the lockable cold air button to fix your hairstyle with cold air.


Attach the T3 Fit Diffuser (sold separately) to your T3 Fit Compact Hair Dryer. Select your optimal heat and speed settings on the hair dryer and dry your hair, focusing on the roots. While drying, "scrunch" your hair with the diffuser from the ends to the roots to create defined waves and curls.


All hair types and textures


A full, ion-infused jet of air for fast, gentle drying. Negative ions help smooth hair cuticles to reduce frizz and increase shine. Customizable settings allow for the ideal combination of heat and intensity to style all hair types and textures for healthy-looking hair.

  • Unique Propeller Design: Turns turbulent airflow into even, moderate airflow.
  • T3 Ion Generator: Saturates the airflow with negative ions to eliminate static electricity and smooth cuticles.
  • Improved Airflow: Skillfully and quickly dries large sections of hair.


  • Do not wrap the power cord around the hair dryer: you risk damaging the electrical wiring.
  • Consult the attached user guide before using the device.
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