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Specific aminexil stimulist spray

Specific aminexil stimulist spray

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Silicone-free and hypoallergenic, they cleanse and soothe the scalp, reducing itching and providing a feeling of lightness.
Easy styling.

Sublimated hair: thickened and strengthened, it regains volume, shine and suppleness. silky and natural feel.

Does not grease at the roots.


Stimulates hair production
Improves hair density
Stimulates the production of hair elements
Prevents premature aging


Spray Stimuliste is an anti-hair loss treatment, developed as a nutri-energizing daily thickening spray, which fights hair loss for men and women.

This anti-hair loss treatment stimulates hair production, while improving hair density. Containing rhamnose, a vegetable sugar with anti-aging properties, this treatment for thinning hair stimulates the biological activity of fibroblasts to improve the quality of the scalp.

Our anti-hair loss treatment, designed for men and women, also prevents premature aging of the hair follicle and stimulates hair regrowth thanks to Aminexil 15,000 PPM.

The spray application of this hair loss treatment makes daily use quick and easy for better hair density and stimulation of hair production.

How to use our anti-hair loss treatment, Spray Stimuliste:

Step 1. After the daily hair routine, on dry or towel-dried hair, apply approximately 10 pumps of this thickening spray to the roots.

Step 2. Distribute the hair loss treatment evenly on the scalp.

Step 3. Do not rinse out Hair Loss Treatment and style hair as usual.

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