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Kerastase chroma absolu: hair routine for the most discreet

Kerastase chroma absolu: hair routine for the most discreet

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Restorative acid treatments that fight all three levels of damage to your hair color caused by coloring. A personalized routine that provides intense, anti-frizz care for medium to thick hair.

Kerastase Serum Chroma Thermique - 150ML

"A universal leave-in thermal anti-frizz serum for all sensitized or damaged colored hair. A white fluid texture enriched with antioxidant properties, lactic acid and centella asiatica that helps preserve the color by completely protecting the fiber against all the types of external aggressions: UV-induced damage, humidity, heat and oxidative stress - Hair is 96% more hydrated* and instantly softer with reduced porosity - Intense protection against humidity and water molecules in air*, for 77% less color-induced frizz*** -Rich antioxidant properties that help protect hair and color from oxidative stress -Thermo-protection 230°C"

Kerastase Acid chroma gloss care - 210ML

A high-shine resurfacing rinse-out treatment to enhance all color-treated hair types. A fluid cream transformative texture penetrates deep to hydrate and strengthen the fiber, while sealing the cuticles for maximum fiber transformation and intense softness, dramatic shine and less frizz caused by color damage. - Hair is 94% more hydrated* and instantly softer - Hair is 96% stronger**, with reduced porosity to help retain color longer - Hair so healthy that even after 6 weeks, 88% of color intensity is preserved*** - Color is enhanced, with 70% more shine*

Step 1: Apply to shampooed and towel-dried mid-lengths and ends until saturated. Apply 1 dose if fine hair, or two 2 doses if thick or long hair. Step 2: Massage into the lengths for 1-2 minutes until the liquid texture turns into a white cream. Step 3: Rinse thoroughly. Avoid irritated areas of skin or eyes. Replaces Fondant in a hair routine, once a week.

Bain Riche Chroma respect

Le Bain Riche Chroma Respect is a rich nourishing protective shampoo for all types of sensitized or damaged colored hair, mainly suitable for medium to thick hair. The highly nourishing formula takes care of the hair while respecting and preserving the hair color. Sulfate free. - Protects hair color from washing out or fading - Transforms the surface of the fiber for instant softness and less color-induced frizz - 95% more nourishment* - 65% more shine** - Helps to reduce fiber porosity for longer lasting color** - 92% color intensity retained after 6 weeks** Apply to damp hair, lather and rinse.

Kerastase Neutralizing chroma green mask - 150ml

The Chroma Neutralizing Green Mask is an intense green hair mask for all types of dark brown hair in need of neutralization. This dark emerald cream instantly hydrates and neutralizes red and coppery undertones, for a darker brown color and a so-called "cooler" brown color. - 89% more hydration* - 92% less breakage* - Instantly neutralizes red undertones for a "cooler" brown tint. Step 1: Wear gloves. Step 2: Apply to washed and towel-dried hair. Step 3: Massage into lengths and ends. Step 4: Leave on for a maximum of 5 minutes depending on the level of neutralization desired. Step 5: Rinse thoroughly.

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