Il Y A LA COUPE has created a BEAUTY health space where its HAIRDRESSERS stylists create the synergistic team of the show… always in tune with INTERNATIONAL trends. We craft the IMAGE of each subject and recognize the importance of their SPIRIT and PERSONALITY!

Taking the time to be pampered by our team is a great way to treat yourself to happiness and relaxation. Thank you for trusting us for your image and hoping to live up to your highest expectations. Enjoy relaxing with us.

Martine Gaudet
VP General Manager

A persevering and passionate businesswoman, I started as a hairdresser in 1983 and then found myself a manager at Coty Canada and Clarins Canada to land here, at Il ya la coupe UN RÊVE DE FAMILLE.

Founding CEO of a company specializing in the import and distribution of raw materials for the food industry. Very happy to have realized the dream of being business partners with my brother and sister.

Comedian and host for more than 25 years, my first desire is still to this day to entertain you, relax you and bring you as much happiness as possible. With this new family project, I have the impression of being in a beautiful continuity.